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Hi I’m Renie

I have over the years gained a wealth of experience as a therapist
and have helped many people work through a variety of issues.




Offering a range of therapies to help out with issues such as stress, fears, anxiety, phobias, etc.

Please feel free to read about the various techniques on the therapies page.

Specialist Issues

We also offer help with many specialist issues, such as:

Cancer related issues
Stress and anxiety
Fears and Phobias
Self Esteem
feeling depressed

Please see our Specialist Issues page for more information.


As well as the issues, such as, anxiety/stress, fears/phobias, worries in the workplace or at home and various other issues, Renie‘s speciality is helping people to cope with cancer, from diagnosis through their treatment and beyond.

Please feel free to contact her at Therapy 4 Stress for an initial consultation.

Hello Renie,I wanted to write and thank you, for well, changing my life. I don’t think you will really ever completely understand what you have done for me.I have suffered from a needle phobia all my life and simple blood test would reduce me to panic and tears, I would be sobbing like a child and hyper ventilating just with sheer panic over the thought, even driving to the doctors I would start to cry just knowing what was to ...

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Dear Renie,As a doctor, I felt skeptical, even suspicious about the use of complimentary therapies. Unless there was a tablet I could throw at the situation, I wasn't interested.That is, until, I found myself in the unfortunate (though enlightening) position of being the patient, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.I started seeing Renie at my local cancer support centre upon the suggestion of a Macmillan nurse. I was highly anxious and felt very bleak at the time.When I started ...

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Hi Renie,Thank you very much for your help. I am enclosing a testimonial for use on your website.I came to see Renie for help with confidence and dealing with anxiety issues stemming from the past. I had an initial consultation and and then three other sessions. In the first session I was taught a tapping technique to deal with anxiety, I found it very useful to have a physical technique to focus on when I found myself feeling anxious. Interestingly ...

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