Specialist Issues

Psychosexual dysfunction therapy – PDT


Sexual dysfunction problems affects around one in two of us at one time or another and sexual unhappiness is one of the most common causes of depression and anxiety. Of course, it’s not always easy asking for help, particularly as we will often experience feelings of shame, guilt and embarrassment. But psychosexual dysfunction therapy can help remove anxieties and fears that often cause problems. Our discreet and confidential service, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, addresses a wide range of issues and can help you start living the life you want to.

Giving up smoking – cognitive and suggestion (hypno-) therapy
You want to quit the habit easily and permanently? And not repeatedly go through the trauma of giving up and then giving in? You may have tried using conscious willpower, nicotine replacement patches, electronic cigarettes or some other method, but to no avail. By signing up to our specially designed therapy sessions using a mix of cognitive and suggestion therapies, we can greatly increase your resolve to quit in a novel approach fully backed by scientific research. You usually need between just one and three personalised sessions, lasting about 90 minutes each.
Losing weight – cognitive and suggestion (hypno-) therapy
Did you know you can lose weight without counting calories, banning particularly foods or food groups (eg. Fats, proteins), or eating miracle food or expensive supplements? We can help you achieve your goal, working at your pace. Giving your mind and body time to adjust to a new healthier way of living and help you naturally to start losing weight as well as being healthier,
Cancer related issues

As Renie is a cancer survivor herself, as such, she is well aware of the issues you face. From diagnosis, through your treatment and beyond.

As everyone has different issues during this time, she will tailor the therapy specifically to your needs.

Stress / Anxiety
Fears / Phobias
Self Esteem
Things just getting you down