Specialist Issues

Cancer related issues

As Renie is a cancer survivor herself, as such, she is well aware of the issues you and your family face and can show you various techniques that can help with many issues that may arise, from diagnosis, through your treatment and beyond.

As everyone has different issues during this time, she will tailor the therapy specifically to your needs.

Stress / Anxiety

There are many forms of stress and anxiety,  often from the work place, sometimes money worries, family stresses, bullying etc.  maybe self confidence issues.

Working with different therapies and techniques. Renie will tailor the treatment to the your specific issue, to help you release your tension enabling you to cope better and go forward with confidence into future.


Fears / Phobias

There are so many different types of phobias from Flying, Spiders or Needles,  maybe a social phobia which could hinder a promotion at work or stop us making new friends, some of you may have a fear of open spaces. some the opposite etc.

If you are one of these people, then Renie has helped many people using various techniques tailored to the individual.


Self Esteem

Through our lifetime, many of us go through times when maybe we’ve been bullied, or abused, either mentally or physically.  Maybe you’ve been told over again when you were young that you aren’t clever enough or you should do better, making you feel you aren’t good enough whatever you do.

Renie can help you get back your confidence so you can begin to feel good about yourself.


Things just getting you down

Feeling down as if everything is going wrong.  Maybe things have happened that you weren’t able to control.  Maybe It’s not your fault but you always seem to get blamed.

Renie has helped many people get back on the right track again.

Losing weight

Did you know you can lose weight without counting calories, or eating miracle foods or expensive supplements?  Renie can help you achieve your goal, working at your pace. Giving your mind and body time to adjust to a new healthier way of living and help you naturally to start losing weight as well as being healthier,

Psychosexual dysfunction therapy – PDT


Sexual dysfunction problems affects around one in two of us at one time or another and sexual unhappiness is one of the most common causes of depression and anxiety. Of course, it’s not always easy asking for help, particularly as we will often experience feelings of shame, guilt and embarrassment. But psychosexual dysfunction therapy can help remove anxieties and fears that often cause problems. Our discreet and confidential service, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, addresses a wide range of issues and can help you start living the life you want to.

Sports enhancement

However good we are at our particular sport, sometimes we fall behind our targets, and can’t understand why.

Renie has helped people from various different sporting backgrounds get back on track, feeling more confident that they can achieve their goals.