About Therapy4Stress

Hi I’m Renie and I  have a number of years experience as psychotherapist and have helped many people work through a variety of issues, such as anxiety/ stress; fears/ phobias; confidence and self worth issues and after being diagnosed with cancer myself in 2010, I now also help others going through the same journey. 

Renie Price

Renie Price

To increase prospects of recovering from cancer, using the various techniques she had learned, seems a bold claim, but not if stress reduces your chances of pulling through. Five years on from her own diagnosis of breast cancer, Renie Price, a trained psychotherapist, can tell you how she has successfully used self-hypnosis and other techniques, to relax herself and has now gone on to help others suffering from stress, depressive feelings, lack of self esteem and other conditions for many different reasons, including the many aspects associated with cancer, for the person diagnosed and also the involved family.

“Hypnosis, which is simply a pleasant state of deep relaxation, during which your awareness, and you are in total control of all your actions, whilst I help you take some suggestions on board to help you overcome the issue have presented  ” says Renie.

Throughout her life, Renie has always wanted to help people – ever since primary school, when other children always used come to her when they were hurt or to ask advice. At 17 she applied to be a nurse but at that time a trainee nurse was not allowed to get married during the 3 years of training and while waiting to be begin her training she got married – Undeterred, she built up a people-based career first in marketing and customer services and then as a successful financial adviser and administrator serving people from all walks of life.

‘I was always meeting people suffering from stress of one sort or another’

“I was always meeting people suffering from anxiety, stress, fears or phobias in their work or private life, while others were struggling with situations they didn’t want to be in. So when a friend told me about a thought field therapy course she’d taken, I started researching the whole field of therapy, counselling and communication skills. I put myself through a diploma course in hypnotherapy and in 2010 I left my full time position and started my practice as a psychotherapist.”

She’s practiced hypnotherapy ever since, and is now also qualified to offer neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), timeline therapy (TLT), thoughtfield therapy (TFT) and brain working recursive therapies (BWRT) – levels 1-2 , all of which can be used alongside hypnotherapy, tailored to a person’s needs. She also volunteers one day a week helping cancer patients through the Cherry Lodge Cancer Care charity, in Barnet, Hertfordshire.

Renie is constantly studying new techniques, which reflects her lifelong passion to help others. Her latest professional development course is BWRT level 3 – an area still in its research stages but possibly one of the most exciting developments in therapy so far. It focuses on the physiological aspects of physical diseases such as cancer and diabetes – and how far the brain can be trained to martial its immune system to fight and overcome them.

The range of therapies is increasing but, as Renie points out, clients need to be committed: “I tell everyone my therapies are not magic. For me to be able to help, you need to really desire the result – so your full commitment is essential.”

If you would like to know more about Therapy4Stress or arrange an initial free consultation, please call us on 07956 002424 or email renie@therapy4stress.com